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Herbal Medicine
The use of Chinese herbs is an integral part of Oriental Medicine. Florida does not require that Acupuncturists are trained in Chinese Herbal Medicine. I went to school in Texas, where Acupuncturists must pass the national Herbal Medicine board exams to be licensed. My training at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin included extensive training in single herbs, formulas, patents, herb-drug interactions, and the use of herbs in internal medicine, dermatology, gynecology, and pediatrics. I have studied with some of the top herbalists from China including; Dongxin Ma, LAc, PhD, MD (China); Yuxin He, LAc, PhD, MD (China); Zheng Zeng, LAc, MD (China), MS; and John Chen, LAc, PharmD, OMD (CA).

Unlike western herbs, Chinese herbs are rarely taken as single herbs. Chinese herbs are carefully combined in formulas that have specific functions. Unlike western medications, herbal formulas usually address acute symptoms as well as the underlying disharmony. Although herbs are "natural", they are medicinals and should always be taken under the guidance of a trained herbalist.

I only use high quality Chinese herbs from reputable vendors such as Golden Flower Chinese Herbs, Nuherb Co., Evergreen, and Herbalogic. I will soon be expanding my herbal pharmacy to include custom powdered herbal teas. I purchase herbal formulas only from US companies who adhere to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure quality and safety. Products also undergo additional testing by third party laboratories for the presence of contaminants such as heavy metal, bacteria, and pesticides.

Chinese herbal formulas work best when they are taken consistently as prescribed by an Acupuncture Physician.

Call (904) 501-1632 or email to schedule an appointment and learn how acupuncture and herbal medicine benefit you.

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